(Oil) Pipe(line) Dreams…

It’s not, generally, my position to post my political beliefs out here in the open.  Well, OK, so sometimes I do.  Be that as it may, I’m going to have to toss this out there…

I just got done signing a petition against an increased drilling in nature preserves in Alaska.  Granted, the US dependence on foreign oil is a problem.  The bigger problem, however, is our dependence, generally, on oil.  When the brains at OPEC decide to convert to the Euro as the dollar becomes vestigial as the Peso before it, will those with the power figure out how absolutely brainless the Big Oil blockade of alternative fuel research (until recently, and probably, when it’s bordering on too late…) was and do something right, or will we watch the United States fall into the worst “recession” in our lifetimes (for those of us in our 30s-60s…)? 

It’s not all about the economy, though.  It’s funny, the college radio station I’m listening to, currently, is playing a song called, “F$%@d up world.”  It’s not quite on the same level as what I’m thinking about, here, but it’s  apropos, inasmuch as that’s what it’s going to be if we continue down the path of convenience and endless consumption.  The more we have, the more we want.  The more we use, the more we need…the more we use. 

My missive to whichever political entity was spearheading the joyous romp of death through nature PRESERVES (you know, the things put in place by government agencies to PROTECT the natural environment contained within the preserve?) revolved mainly around the ideas I’ve already stated, but it bears repeating:

Nevermind that the dependence on fossil fuels is completely enslaving this nation to debt and a finger-in-a-dike economy and think, for just a moment, what we will do when all that is beautiful in this country has been eviscerated in attempt to hasten the depletion of what natural resources we have left. The money that would go to this “project” would be more useful and effective if focused on alternative fuel research. That, however, would require foresight; something sorely lacking from the current administration. “Give me oil today, for a barren, uninhabitable wasteland, tomorrow.” Sounds like a good slogan, to me… If I sound bitter, it would be because I see the direction the country is heading, and I fear that my children will not have the same beauty at which to wonder as I have had and that those who have the power to stop the destruction do not take the time to appreciate the beauty and ponder the consequences (long term) of their actions. Stop. Think. Breathe.